History of Changes


Version 0.6.2 (2005-05-13)

  • addAdded an Unused Class report to identify possible unused code. (DCA)
  • addAdded JUnit test source and executables to the build distribution. (DCA)
  • fixBug in Sequence Flow report that was producing an ArrayStoreException when analyzing some applications(DCA)

Version 0.6.1 (2005-03-23)

  • add Enhanced the Sequence Flow report (HTML output) to show multiple levels of method calls. (DCA)
  • fixBug in Sequence Flow report that was suppressing called method references (HTML format only).(DCA)

Version 0.6.0 (2005-03-16)

  • addSample reports to the documentation.(DCA)
  • update Enhanced the complexity report to include cumulative statistics for packages and classes as well as a textual explanation of the WMC metric. (DCA)

Version 0.5.9 (2005-03-14)

  • addDocumentation enhancements.(DCA)
  • addAdded generated date and labels to report output.(DCA)
  • update Changed the name of the Activity Flow report to Sequence Flow. Made the intent of the report clearer as it provides information found in a UML sequence diagram. (DCA)

Version 0.5.8 (2005-03-11)

  • fix Null pointer exception generated on the activity report for classes in the default package. (DCA)