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JxRef is a Java code analysis toolset. It is a tool that will help you identify refactoring opportunities in a Java code base. It can also provide information that will help you identify potential risks of making a code change.

JxRef will do the following:

  • Identify if a class or method is used, If so, where... See sample.
  • Identify Sequence diagram information about a method (what it calls in what classes). See sample.
  • Identify application dependencies (on open source projects, for example). See sample.
  • Identify the largest and most complex methods (according to McCabe Complexity metrics). See sample.
  • Identify methods that are unused or should be private. See sample.


JxRef can be downloaded here.


Jxref documentation is included with the distribution. After you follow the installation instructions, documentation can be found at JXREF_HOME/docs.


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Copyright Notices

JxRef, a Java code analyzer toolkit.

Copyright © 2005, by Delta Vortex Technologies, Inc, all rights reserved.


JxRef uses the Apache 2.0 license.


Development of this software has been sponsored by Delta Vortex Technologies, Inc.

JxRef was conceived and originally written by Derek C. Ashmore. I’d like to thank D. Scott Wheeler and Quinn McCallum for their invaluable contributions and continuing assistance.

This software utilizes the following software: